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Our most recent CD and the first to feature our two newest members! Songs: Drive My Car, Acapella in Acapulco, Beginning to See, 50 Ways to Save Your Planet, Fragments, Mamma Mia, These Are Rays, Han & Leia, Big Bang Theory, and a special surprise!

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Our most recent holiday CD, complete with original and traditional - and definitely non-traditional - holiday tunes. We call it "an unfiltered piquant melange of full-bodied holiday neo-classics." You'll call it fun and festive!

Download it now for the holidays from iTunes!

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Shoulders of Giants

For those of you who can't commit to a full-length album of astronomy songs, you can get this EP with just 6 songs, two of which are not available anywhere else. Prepared for the International Year of Astronomy.

This CD is only available at our performances.

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Our almost-all-original CD, Committed, has been described by the Recorded A cappella Review Board as "the most creative and interesting a cappella album", "an existential album", and "oddly pleasing". We're pleased to be odd.

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Mixed Messages

This CD has a bit of everything: covers, originals, holiday tunes, astronomy songs, and live recordings!

This CD is out of stock.

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AstroCappella 2.0

A dozen original songs on topics from our solar system to the most energetic events at the far reaches of the universe. Sky & Telescope called it "An astronomy class set to music" and Astronomy Today said "Lively, entertaining, and educational".

Get it from iTunes!

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Our first holiday CD, filled with classics!

This CD is available at our performances.

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First Light

Our debut!

This CD is out of stock in physical form. It is available to purchase or stream on Bandcamp.

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