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  • Quotes & Reviews

      Who would expect that perfectly tuned harmonies and clever song writing and arranging would come from folks whose brains are occupied by rocket science every day? They were the group of performers at the Festival that, more than any other, received popular acclaim from the audience and generated demands that they be invited back.

    Charlie Baum, Washington Folk Festival

      An astronomy class set to music.
    Sky & Telescope on AstroCappella 2.0

      Ear-catching music with an educational twist.
    The Baltimore Sun on AstroCappella 2.0

      With a mixture of traditional holiday tunes done in their own wonderful style the Chromatics have produced a wonderful seasonal CD. The playfulness of the season shines through in a swingin' "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Frosty/Santa Medley." Sweet sounds abound on "White Christmas" and "Silent Night." Campy sound effects and lyric changes make "The One Horse Open Sleigh" and "Winter Madrigal" ones to remember. But they can get serious too, on more classical numbers like "Sing With Gladness" and "Riu Riu Chiu." All in all, just like a holiday cookie platter - a little bit of something for everyone!
    Mainly A Cappella review of Unwrapped

      Lively, entertaining, and educational.
    Astronomy Today on AstroCappella 2.0

      They filled the room with a tapestry of rich, tightly woven harmony.
    Greenbelt News Review